I was talking to a long-time Majorca holiday home owner yesterday who lives in Scotland who is battling for a direct air link to the island from Glasgow or Edinburgh. He like me is not taking no for an answer on the issue of winter flights eventhough he told me that from his local airport the only place there were no winter flights  to was Majorca! Taking this into account he said that he would never have bought a holiday home on the island if he had known that in the future there would be no flights.  This is a very sad state of affairs and rather sums up the situation at the moment. We are not just talking tourists. We are talking holiday home owners who would come to the island on a regular basis but can´t unless they fancy a trek around Europe. Now obviously the real estate industry is vital to Majorca so you can imagine they would be over-joyed if there were more flights from Britain in the winter. It would make their job of selling a holiday home to British or Irish buyers far easier. Ireland and Scotland are also popular places for local Majorcan children to learn English. But, even this market suffers from the shortage of flights. Now some people will say that winter tourism and more flights to Britain in the low season will never happen because the market and the industry has  changed. Not the case. There are thousands of people who love Majorca who want to come here on holiday but find that they can only visit six months of the year. And that is the honest truth. 


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