The new Greek government has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons with its announcement that it will seek to limit all inclusive holidays. While I don´t agree with much of what the new Greek government intends to do, I will support them on this one. All inclusive holidays are not the way forward. Infact it is a step backwards. Hundreds of bars and restaurants in resorts across the island have been forced to close with the loss of thousands of jobs because the hotel next door decided or was told to go all inclusive. A record number of tourists visited the Balearics last year but tourist spending actually fell. It is not rocket science to see that while all inclusive holidays will mean that you get the numbers you won´t get the euros in the resorts because many simply do not go out. It will cost them money.  Now, there was a movement last year to try and tackle all inclusive holidays in Majorca. The socialist party on the Calvia Council proposed a limit. But I sincerely doubt that the all-powerful hotel trade would ever support plans to curb all inclusive holidays. Majorca is a beautiful island and deserves to be explored You can´t see Majorca in all its glory from the inside of a hotel.  Now, obviously for families on a budget all inclusive holidays are fantastic but many Majorcan families, who work in resorts, are also forced to go on a budget because the spending power of tourists has decreased. My advice, curb all inclusives and save the bar trade.


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