Palma’s airport has imposed new restrictions.

By Judy Blunn


Well having been back at work this week after my holidays, I had a look around the airport to see what changes there have been.
As you may know that for AENA Palma de Mallorca, was one if the top 3 most profitable airports in Spain .
You will notice an increase in commercial outlets in the departure area and after security, and there is now a money exchange in the arrival baggage area.
Most terminals have been refurbished to a very high standard except terminal A , and currently this is the terminal most UK flights depart from, due to the Schengen agreement, but if you fly from other terminals you will see new shops and restaurants.
It was noticeable some of the additions, new air conditioning/ heating units directly above the door area, which will benefit in summer as the doors are in continuous use, making temperature within the airport very hot and sticky. They have assured me the new units above the doors will stop us losing the cool air, through the doors.
Also for smokers the new ashtray areas, decidedly larger and safer, and increased in numbers, this will be safer as they continuously caught fire in previous years, and were so small, there was rather unsightly cigarettes discarded on the floors outside the doors.
It also has been talked about recently the debate of the pirate taxi drivers, the unlicensed people offering airport runs from resort in private cars, well they are clamping down on this upstairs in departures as well as the arrival area. They are aware a lot of these people are picking up in the depature area, to avoid being seen, however they are now monitoring this area now for people picking up passengers or indeed legitimate family members.