LOCAL hoteliers have been busy congratulating themselves that the tourist season lasted a record seven months last year while the Balearic Ministry for tourism says that Majorca rests in the winter. The hoteliers are happy eventhough their businesses are closed for five months of the year but the local ministry for tourism believes that winter  is the time for a next long rest! So while the Balearics takes a nice little winter nap I will try and wake things up with news that Turkey, Greece and resorts in North Africa will be giving the islands a real run for their money this year.  In other-words the Balearics needs to wake-up and smell the coffee, people are travelling but the Balearics is facing major competition for its traditional markets. But sometimes Iget the impression that the local ministry for tourism is blind to so many things involving the tourist industry. Everything will be alright on the night, appears to be their new slogan. But I am not so upbeat. I am concerned that competing resorts will soon start attracting many Majorca visitors  and unless the local ministry of tourism gets a grip on winter tourism, all inclusive hotels and the short season. It might be an idea if the local ministry for tourism actually sat down with tourists and asked them what they thought of Majorca and how would they improve it. I think they would be rather concerned by some of the answers they received but at least they would get input.