A High Court judge in Madrid intends to make 55 Hells Angels and their collaborators arrested in Majorca in 2013 stand trial this year.One of the suspects is a German identified as Frank Hanebuth, believed to be the head of the Hells Angels Motors Club (HAMC), who according to Europol, “was one of the most dangerous and illegal ‘chapters’  in Europe”.
The police investigation began back in 2009 and, while lead by Hanebuth, his right hand men were mainly Turkish, one of which helped him slip into Majorca where he spent two months operating the ‘chapter’ until he was arrested.
It appears that two ‘chapters’ were operating in Majorca, the first, of which the majority of members were Turkish, from 2009 to 2011 and the second from 2012 until it was  dismantled by the police in 2013.
The National Police and the Guardia Civil serious crime squads eventually made a series of raids and carried out a number of arrests, two of the suspects were members of the Palma Local Police and another the Guardia Civil, they were apparently on the pay roll “facilitate” the Hells Angels’s” illegal activities in Majorca, mainly in the Playa de Palma.