“If the Germans can, why can´t the Brits?” Now this is the million-dollar question regarding winter tourism on Majorca.  Now, I have often discussed the topic of winter tourism in this space and the lack of British tourists during the low season months. But this is very much a British problem, because the Germans do come here during the winter months. Yesterday, Iinterviewed one of our few British winter tourists. He told me he was staying in a hotel in Cala Millor, which was full of German tourists. In fact he is the only Briton  in the hotel. He told me that all the German tourists came here either to go on hiking or cycling tours or to play golf.  You see all the claims that Majorca is not a winter holiday destination or that it is too cold during the winter, simply do not add up because German tour firms operate a large winter  programme with a fair number of flights. The problem is that British tour firms and airlines believe that Majorca is no longer a winter holiday destination and have decided to take their clients elsewhere. Why? If Majorca is good enough for Germans in the winter then it should be good enough for the British because these two nationalities share  common ground, their love for Majorca.  Our British winter tourist also says that we should be more upbeat and just promote Majorca in Britain during the winter months. He has been holidaying on the island during the low season for the last 20 years and simply loves it.