Balearic marinas  last year over came  Barcelona as the most sought after ports in the country for yacht owners, according to the latest figures revealed by the Balearic Nautical Association.
The Balearics were the region in the country with the highest number of recreational boats, almost 15 percent of the total, compared with Barcelona’s 10,75 and Cadiz with seven percent, the latter surpassing the capital Madrid.
Overall it was a positive year for the nautical sector in Spain, with the number of recreational boats registered growing by 9,9 percent to a total of 4,290.
Last year’s results put an end to a decline of almost six years.
Nautical authorities also confirmed what was revealed by the Bulletin last month, the Balearics will have their own nautical legislation to regulate all nautical activities including scuba diving.
Different sanctions will be applied for boat owners carrying more passengers than permitted, instructors operating under false or no documentation among others.
Taxes have also been reduced on foreign vessels.