One of the many snowploughs in action yesterday.

After ten hikers were rescued in two dangerous missions yesterday, the government has urged the public to stay away from the mountains.

Palma.—A group of six German hikers had to be rescued by a Guardia Civil helicopter yesterday after they  got trapped by heavy snow after walking from Lluc down to cala Tuent on Thursday.
Once they reached their destination, they attempted to return by car but the heavy snow  had closed the road.
The group managed to make it to sa Calobra where they found shelter for the night.
Fortunately they were carrying warm clothes and food and first thing yesterday, the Guardia Civil helicopter and members of the Guardia Civil mountain rescue unit located the hikers and airlifted them to safety.
The same rescue teams were involved in a second operation to pluck a group of four to safety from the air base near the Cuber dam where they had been forced to shelter for the night.They too were well equipped for the hike but were caught by surprise by the heavy snow fall.
And, all 60 of the Council of Majorca’s snow ploughs were hard at work yesterday clearing five roads which remained closed due to snow and part of the Formentor road, which had been blocked by a landslide under the weight of the snow over night.