Palma.—In an official statement issued by Marineland  Mallorca yesterday,  Marineland Mallorca explicitly rejected degrading treatment of animals, just as it always has throughout its 44-year history.
“In the park we are as surprised as any  viewer  by the repressive approach outlined in the recently released video.
 After viewing the video, we can state that it does not reflect a full dolphin training session  and the video has been put together  by using  different cuts.
 Moreover, in several parts, audio and video do not coincide in time, which could lead to misinterpretation. We do not behave in this manner nor do any of the dolphinariums we know in Europe.  In  Marineland Mallorca we are continuing  our investigation  in order  to clarify the facts, that is if they have occurred in the way shown in the video, in order to avoid the confusion of public opinion.