It is perfectly possible to celebrate St. Valentine’s day at a comfortable hotel in Majorca.
Yesterday I went on to and searched for a nine day holiday taking in St. Valentine’s Day in the municipality of Calvia.
The result? I was presented with a choice of 57 establishments of all categories to sort through, so Calvia and Majorca, in general, is not totally closed for the winter.
In fact, I spread the search even wider and punched in the same dates for Majorca and, believe it or not, but I can stay at one of 695 hotels next week and, on the top of the web page is a message warning searchers that Majorca is proving to be in great demand over St. Valentine’s.
But why don’t people overseas know this.  
Yes, we do need more flights from the UK, but as we’ve learnt lately, the Spanish airport authority AENA is doing little to attract winter flights and therefore holding Majorca to ransom because there are hotels open.