Almond blossoming has been extended by the weather in Majorca. | Hubertus Blume

By Doctor George Giri

Something to chat about...

The end of this following week is St Valentines day. Although in England the 14th is to address your beloved of the day, it is very unclear what saints are involved and how.
It may well have been a day chosen when birds choose an opposite number. Here in Majorca nowadays, it has been adopted and is associated with all sorts of entertainments, especially if money can be spent.

Rural life is at present seemingly involved in anything village town halls can think of, to attract tourists this next season. Very often this refers to things that have been thought of years ago and had postponed because there was not enough money. Naturally, here in Mancor de la Vall, with Inca next door, we hear about everything going on in that town. It gives one something to chat about... the finishing of reform of their theatre has been postponed again, it makes one smile because our mayor at least twenty years ago worked all night to get money from Europe for a theatre among many other buildings on the site. It is very rarely used. Although it seats a lot, settings for plays etc do not really exist, backstage.

Some villages would like to increase their selling of products Son Servera has tried to sell more almonds (there are plenty of old recipes). This has been helped by the fact that almond blossoming has definitely been extended by the weather. There has been an effort to see whether more guides can be engaged to show tourists round interesting archeological sites and buildings. Felanitx has finished digging more wells to improve water supplies. Alcudia’s new harbour has room for more than 70 boats.

It is also time for wine makers to see how previous years have matured. As pointed out vines when they first came here produced grapes. The only difference in a plant was grapes at the bottom or near the sun.
When different vines came from France or overseas the important difference and mixtures in producing wines became part of our possibilities and the fact that in the Raiguer the earth, because of the geological mixture was very helpful, has now after a century , produced vintners whose products are known all over the world.

There are such problems with drugs all over the place, that sometimes it includes tourists who use the Balearics as an exporting base. WHAT NEXT.

Everybody in bars or at home in the village is trying to keep warm, the sheep in the fields would like some shelter... it is still snowing, the gardens lower down have not shown that much for years.