Eduardo Gamero, President of the Majorcan Tourist Board, Elena Lambea, William Graves and the Honorary President of the Grup Serra, Pedro A. Serra M.B.E.

The eldest son of the late writer and poet Robert Graves, William, spent two years translating the latest edition of  The White Goddess.The  White Goddess is a book-length essay on the nature of poetic myth-making by Graves who lived and died in Deya.
First published in 1948, the book is based on earlier articles published in Wales magazine, corrected, revised and enlarged editions appeared in 1948, 1952, 1961 and 1997.
The White Goddess represents an approach to the study of mythology from a decidedly creative and idiosyncratic perspective.
Graves proposes the existence of a European deity, the “White Goddess of Birth, Love and Death,” much similar  to  the Mother Goddess, inspired and represented by the phases of the moon, who lies behind the faces of the diverse goddesses of  various European and pagan mythologies.