THE sudden rise of sterling against the euro will help disguise the fact that Majorca is no longer a cheap holiday destination. What Majorca needs to remember is value for money is key, even for those so-called up-market tourists which Majorca wants so desperately to attract and of course everyone else. These days local knowledge is vital if you want to avoid large price tags. While I believe that all inclusive holidays should be curbed in Majorca at the same time I believe that businesses, especially in Palma, should watch their prices. Value for money is key in the tourist industry and sometimes Idoubt that Majorca actually offers it anymore. The recession and falling takings has been used as a good excuse by some to raise their prices. They should be doing the opposite, but no, less customers higher prices. Imagine a British family of two adults and two children heading to the island this summer who have decided to avoid an all inclusive package. They will  need a spending budget of many hundreds of euros. Now some will say that Majorca has always been a more expensive tourist destination than places on the mainland. But let us remember that the island is now facing stiff competition from cheaper destinations in the eastern Mediterranean, where your pound sterling will go much further than in Majorca. It would be fantastic if Majorca could get its “value for money tag” back again because it will probably resolve the all inclusive problem as well.