The Balearics registered the second highest number of  traffic accidents per 100,000 inhabitants last year, according to the latest figures.

Palma.—Last year, 4,617 accidents were registered per 100,000 inhabitants in the Balearics, the accident rate was only higher in Cantanbria where 4,834 accident were registered per 100,000 inhabitants.
At the other end of the scale is Aragon, where 2,700 accidents per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded.
At a national level, there were 1.7 minor accidents last year, the first increase since 2007 and a rise of 0.32 percent in comparison to 2013 and the trend appears to be continuing.
The national average was 3,710 accidents per 100,000 inhabitants and  Spain’s roads are getting more dangerous, new data shows, with the number of road deaths in January up 42 per cent on last year. A reported 88 fatalities occurred on Spanish roads in the first month of this year according to statistics released by Spain’s national traffic agency (DGT).