The Guardia Civil are investigating a violent attack on an elderly woman at Pont d’Inca station who was mugged and then thrown on to the tracks.

Palma.—At the end of last week, the 81-year-old, who had recently been operated on and was still recuperting,  was waiting for the train at Pont d’Inca station on the outskirts of Palma.
At around 7p.m., she was violently mugged b y a person who was after her hand bag.
However, the elderly woman resisted and refused to let go of her bag but, in response, the attacker threw the woman onto the tracks and managed to snatch the bag and flee the scene.
The attack happened extremely quickly and the victim was unable to get a good look at her assailant, so the Guardia Civil investigating the incident are using a   series of different techniques to trace the suspect.
No sooner had the incident occurred a number of people rushed to the elderly woman’s aid.