Marc Fosh with photographer Nando Esteva in the studio in Palma yesterday.

Award winning British chef Marc Fosh, who owns two restaurants in Palma, is busy preparing his tour of the Far East next month.Marc, who recently won a Michelin Star for the second time  and whose award winning restaurant Simply Fosh has been highlighted by El Pais newspaper as one of the top five restaurants to eat at in Spain this year,  is busy getting ready to take his expertise to the Far East.
Last year Marc was approached by Dulwich College International to develop a healthy eating curriculum for the students and teachers.
Dulwich College International says that it proudly recognises the importance of healthy eating for the well-being of every child and the college will be working with  Marc to raise student, parent and staff awareness of good nutrition and the benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Next month, Marc and  the college will be collaborating on a programme of events to promote better understanding of nutrition among the Dulwich community.
Marc will tour six Dulwich International Colleges where he will speak to audiences about nutrition, foods that boost performance inside and outside of the classroom and creativity in cooking.
During the tour, Marc will also hold practical cooking demonstrations for students, parents and staff. Marc is also working with the caterers at the  schools to develop a number of dishes that will be featured on school menus every week.