For the last three months we have had an excellent exchange of views both in print and online on the shortage of winter flights during the low season to Britain.  Over the three months we have come to the conclusion that airlines would be willing to operate to the island in the winter if landing fees were lowered at Palma airport. But the big question still remains;is there enough demand for flights from airports such as Manchester and Glasgow/Edinburgh to Palma during the low season? I believe there is but some readers believe, probably quite rightly, that the airlines are not flying to Majorca during the winter because there is no demand. I would sincerely like to get to the bottom of this argument once and for all.  Therefore I would appeal to Bulletin readers both online and in print to send me an email ( just confirming to me that they would come to Majorca during the low season (November to March) if there were flights from a nearby airport. Now obviously we are not going to get flights to the island during the winter from the smaller regional airports. I am talking about regular flights from say Manchester/Birmingham and Scotland. Now, judging by the response we get then we can take the information and your emails to the airlines and finally end the argument and underline the fact that there is demand. So today Ilaunch my ultimate winter flight demonstration of intent. If you want more flights send me an email!