I knew that there was a demand for winter flights especially from Scotland but Inever dreamed that the response for my appeal for emails calling for more low season air services to Britain would receive such a big response.  I received scores of emails yesterday and please keep them coming in at jmoore@majorcadailybulletin.es But all the letters and feedbacks have a common denominator and that is the British love for Majorca. As you will read later on in today´s edition people are having to go to considerable lengths to get to the island at the moment involving long train journeys and two flights when coming from Scotland. The fact that there are no direct flights from Scotland during the low season leaves Majorca at a real disadvantage and has effectively cut Majorca off from one of its key holiday markets during the winter months.  This is complete madness especially when there are hundreds of Scottish holiday home owners who would travel to the island if there was a direct link from either Edinburgh or Glasgow during the winter months. We are moving in the right direction;your emails show that there is clearly demand for more flights. Let us just hope that the airlines and the local authorities are finally listening and are ready to act. In these hard times I am sure that airlines are not going to miss the opportunity of introducing what could be a profitable route, especially from Scotland. So come on keep those emails coming in.