For those Britons planning a summer holiday to Spain this year and require help with brushing up on the local lingo - then they need to look no further than Vinnie Jones’s helpful Spanish tutorial.
The footballer-turned-actor covers all the essential phrases - and in only a slightly threatening manner - such as: “Oi, come over here and get in this selfie, mate” (¡Eh, tío! Ven aquí para que salgas en este selfie) or: “Is it okay if I got your number?” (¿Podrías darme tu número?)
The clip of Vinnie’s basic linguistic skills has been launched by phone network Three, with the Snatch star explaining: “I’ve holidayed in Spain for years and you can’t beat it for sun, sea, sand and a few sangrias.
“Along the way I’ve managed to pick up a bit of the local lingo, so it’s great to be able to share some with my fellow Brits and help them out as they prepare for their holiday. Hopefully with this and the new offering from Three, they’re going to have a blinding trip this year.”
Marketing director at ThreeTom Malleschitz added: “Spain is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits, and is a forthcoming addition to our list of countries where you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost.
“We therefore thought it would be great to give them a helping hand learning the lingo by recruiting one of our most famous Brits, Vinnie Jones, to give us all a fun Spanish lesson.
“So now customers can order a drink or take a selfie in Spanish before they take the picture and post it on Facebook!”