Count me in from GLASGOW International for a month between November/ March

Dear Sir

I live in Glasgow, Scotland and own an apartment in Santa Ponsa. Many many Scottish people own property in Santa Ponsa as well, as back in the late 1980's there was a very successful Glasgow based company selling flats and time-shares etc. In fact most of the apartments in our complex are owned by Scottish people.

The lack of flights from end October to mid-March is a nightmare as people have to drive to Liverpool or Manchester. There's few flights out of Manchester even then. The London airports are all very well ie. Luton/Stansted/Gatwick but this involves adding expense to 'relatively cheap flights' by having to either go on the train, drive and park, or even flying to said airports. The connections from Glasgow/Edinburgh to these London airports are no use as you either don't have enough time to connect, or you have hours and hours to wait for the flights to Palma. British Airways do have the option to fly Glasgow-London City-Palma and return - but the airport taxes on top of any fare means you can be looking at around £300 plus which, in reality, no one is going to be able to afford unless you're flying on your own. Families just could not pay that fare if there were eg. four people travelling.

Glasgow and Edinburgh should have at least one flight a week over the winter months - and I can guarantee, they'd be full. With our Scottish winter weather being so poor (normally) lots of pensioners would love a break in a sunny, albeit not roasting hot, climate.

I remember the days when retired people could go for 2 or 3 months - over winter which was much cheaper than staying at home! Thomson's used to have a flight out on a Friday and back on a Monday. This was great for a 3 night mini-break but sadly, is no more as you know.

Easyjet and Ryanair could easily operate a flight a week, or for that matter, a flight every fortnight out of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and would have many 'bums on seats' as they say these days!

With Mallorca being only a three hour flight, the island appeals to people who don't perhaps want five hours to the Canaries, but flights operate to the Canaries in winter which is unfair. OK the weather may be a little warmer - but the Canaries can also be quite cloudy!

If the landing fees were reduced even minimally, I'm sure these low cost carriers would jump at the chance to operate in winter.

I support any campaign that is being run to try and get this dismal situation sorted out.


I would love to cme to Majorca n the winter if I could get flights from Glasgow as would many in my family.

Hope we can get this sorted.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your continued efforts and please dont let anyone put you off. I would definitely use winter flights. The first flight i can get from BHAM is at the end of March and yes i have a seat booked. if it was the start of march i would book a seat. i would come whenever i could if the price was right.

We would welcome the opportunity to get from Birmingham to
PMI out of season. We have a property that mainly is unused during this period!

I have owned an apartment in Mallorca for about 9 years. I live in Glasgow and am no longer able to get a flight in the winter. For the last 2 years we have celebrated New Year on the island and have had a wonderful holiday. However we have had to travel from Glasgow to London then onwards to Palma (BA from City this year, last year Glasgow to Stansted). By chance we discovered this year that it is relatively easy to connect in Bristol so we used this for our return journey.

There are so many Scots that own properties or simply love the island but are deterred from visiting because of the journey. I for example will not return until Easter when direct flights resume. It is such a shame when you consider how easy it was in the past.

I'm so glad that I am able to read your paper every day courtesy of Kiosko & Mas, at least if I'm unable to be on the island I can continue to keep up to date with island life.

Best wishes

<p">Dear Sir,

I would come to Mallorca more in the winter if there were flights from Birmingham or even Luton because the length of time it takes me from Leicester to Port de Soller via National Express takes over 12hours. Yours Margaret Ediss Robinson.

My husband and I along with my family including my sister, her partner and family support your bring back winter flights to Mallorca from Newcastle upon Tyne. The winter flights with easy jet and jet2 were always full. Even if they went to two days a week it would be better than nothing. Going via Barcelona puts us off visiting your lovely island and two flights with a short connection time is bad news. One flight delayed and you miss your connection, when your only 2.5hrs away on a direct flight, its just puts you right off.

Hi Jason

I live in Glasgow and would love to visit Majorca over winter so would be great if there were flights from glasgow or Edinburgh.
Thanks for your efforts.

We definitely need winter flights from/to Scotland.


As regular visitors, we have watched with dismay the dearth of winter
flights to Mallorca.

However, we are lucky that our local airport - Liverpool John Lennon -
has two flights a week.

But the prices tend to be relatively high because everyone piles onto
these couple of flights and EasyJet is happy as they are full. (Ryan
Air don't do winter flights anymore).

I suspect a major reason Liverpool still has flights to/from Mallorca
is because the city has two universities and quite a large Spanish
expat student/graduate community.

With the pound/euro rate being very favourable at present surely more
winter flights should be encouraged?

Hi Jason

I bought a place in Santa Ponsa 8 years ago and at that time winter flights were not a problem. However, the last few years have been awful. I just don’t understand it as surely even if it was only 2 flights per week (for me from Birmingham) they would be full, going and coming back. I have spent many winter months in Mallorca and it’s fabulous, quiet but fun. If I can help in any way when I move out just let me know

I now intend to move out for good in May so it will not affect me but it will affect those people who want to visit me in the winter!!!!!

Good luck.

Dear Sir,

I live in Cheshire and if there were more flight to Mallorca from Manchester / Liverpool / East Midlands / Birmingham I would definitely use them.

Dear Sir,

I am just back from Mallorca last week after having to travel from Aberdeen to Liverpool to get a connection to Palma.

I come over every year out with season as well as spending around 4/5 weeks at my apartment and would be delighted to see Scotland served over the winter months even with a weekly flight but would make access so much easier.

Hope you manage to progress this ridiculous situation.

Hi Jason, we visit the island monthly and we are fortunate to be able to use a Easyjet via Bristol Airport . On each and every flight this winter the aircraft has been packed and presumably sold out with passengers from the Midlands, Wales as well as the South West.

I can not understand why a major hub such as Birmingham does not carry air traffic to the island as most clearly there is demand.

Keep up the good work

Dear Sir, I an confirm that I would travel to my home in Mallorca during the low season if we had flights from Scotland. Hi

We have a property in Cala Fornells and used to regularly visit Majorca in the Winter. This is now almost impossible from Manchester and the one Winter trip we made had to be from Liverpool and the flight both ways was packed. People waiting for the plane could be overheard complaining at the distance they had had to travel to get a flight.

When in Majorca we shop in local supermarkets and markets, go to restaurants, use hotels at the other end of the island and hire a car which all must contribute to the economy of the island. We love Majorca in Winter with the possibility of country walks , bird watching and the chance of some sunshine to give us a lift.

We very much support your campaign to get flights from the UK in Winter.
Yes Please! I have written to you before about this....letter previously published. There are no flights from the Midlands at all over winter and as a result we have had to curtail our regular winter visits.........East Midlands or Birmingham please! Good Morning Jason,

We are an Island … if transport links are reduced … all income is reduced.

AENA - cancel landing fees.

Mallorcan Government - to pay airlines to put on a number of flights during winter - if seat capacity low - they pay the difference. They also pay the airlines to promote Mallorca on their local TV advertising/publicity hoardings etc

Stop strikes.

Ash cloud - brought the island to a halt … this is the same. They should learn from that effect.

Does Mallorca want full time employment or a 6 month holiday for the locals ?? To be honest the Spanish have a great life … they would be shocked at the life of commuting in London at 7am fighting for breathing space.

God help Mallorca and Spain if Podemos get in - effect on property owners here??? Scary.

Also, there is a great threat that UK will leave EEC, even in intellectual circles in London they are fed up with bureaucratic Brussels control that is stalling advancement - How does that leave the expats here if Britain were to leave ?

I had a dinner party last night - 6 in all - 5 all here on the island a long time - ALL trying to sell their Villas to return permanently to the UK, I am the only person who has decided not to sell … to gamble and hold - I have 8 here sadly, wish I had never invested funds on the island - London has been the superbly profitable property market. The discussion around the table was extremely enlightening.

Best of luck Jason with your attempts. I wish you well.

Hi Jason,

I live in the Peak District about an hour from Manchester.

I would use Manchester twice a month or more instead of the long haul to Stanstead.

I have had my own dialogue with the commercial director of Jet2 who cites lack of demand as their sole reason for not flying in the winter months.

Given that the Easyjet out of Liverpool (the only northern route in winter) is consistently full I rather doubt what he says is likely. Especially since EJ operate only twice weekly.

Everyone I have spoken to would welcome the chance to fly out of Manchester or to have greater frequency out of Liverpool though Manchester is by far the preferred option. That is only anecdotal but from both the Liverpool passengers and on the Stanstead flight.

Hello Jason

My nearest Airport is East Midlands. ( EMA) All flights to Mallorca stop at the end of October. They start again in April. The East Midlands Airport serves Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Derby, Coventry, Stoke, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Lincolnshire, North Wales, etc. That is a very large densely populated area of the Midlands. May I reiterate there are very few attractions in the Winter. There is very variable weather. Humphrey Carter states there are some 600 Plus Hotels open. The majority in the Palma area. There is a Skeleton transport service from the Airport, and Taxis charge very high fares, to go to the North, East and Western parts of the Island. I would like to see a " Bulletin Campaign " to petition those responsible, for the above named problematical reasons, for Mallorca's lack of Tourists in the Winter Season.( Even the Meteorological Dept. !!!--who are never in synchronisation with the BBC or UK) Finally, The Economy of any country relies heavily on entrepreneurial innovation. There has been NO INNOVATION that I am aware of since 1989. "THEREFORE--NO DEMAND, NO SUPPLY,NO TOURISM " this is the main reason for Mallorca's 'Winters of Discontent'. Jason

I'd like to add my name to the growing army of your readers who feel 'marooned' by the absence of flights to and from Majorca this winter.

Any weight you can add to securing a change of heart - on Valentine's weekend too no less - for the airports/carriers would be welcomed.

The dearth of flights in the low season is compounded by what is often an over-supply in summer.

A regional airport like my hometown one at Leeds-Bradford can have up to fourteen direct flights there and back in the summer.

They are not always full by any means.

But there is nothing at all in the winter.

So a better all-year balance may be the key.

That said, latest figures from Leeds-Bradford this week revealed it is a record season for winter passenger numbers. That's with no flights to the Balearics.

So any campaign is going to have to be very compelling to convince them that such flights are needed - and will benefit the accountants!

Dear Sir,

We live in Mallorca and have friends and family in Manchester and Liverpool, additional sensibly priced flights in the winter season would definitely encourage more frequent travel.

Hi Jason

We are former residents of Mallorca, my wife is from the island, and we currently make two trips to the island in the winter months. For this we have to make a two hour drive from the Isle of Skye to inverness, spend the night and then catch a flight to London at 0630 or thereabouts. Next flight if we make the connection is from Gatwick to Mallorca. The return journey is the same palaver with an overnight stop-over in Gatwick.

We would definitely make the journey more often if the were were flights from either Glasgow or Edinburgh. Unfortunately we operate mainly in the tourist industry and can only justify going in the off-season.

Good luck with your campaign!

Dear Sir,

As second home owners,we would love to be able to fly to Mallorca during the winter, from the Midlands.

Dear Jason,

We would use flights to Majorca in the winter months

Dear Mr Moore

In response to your question on winter flights I would that my wife and I would certainly welcome a service from Scotland as we have family in Palma. Others like ourselves may also prefer to travel to the island in the low season to avoid the summer crowds. Our family also like to "come home" for Christmas and New Year. In the past when winter flights were available we have found them to be pretty full and feel certain that there return would be successful.

Dear Jason,

I have been reading with interest over the past months on the issue of the winter flights and firstly let me tip my hat off to you for keeping with this and making people aware of the issue of getting to the island.

My family and I have a property in Puerto Pollenca and visit at all times of the year when we can. I work in a travel agents in Edinburgh and have seen the decline in the winter business over the years.

The only airline that used to fly a decent schedule in the winter months was Fly Globespan from Scotland. The time’s I used this flight I could not believe how busy it was.

Another option was EasyJet from Newcastle but this involved a 2hour drive.

After Globespan ceased trading the option was then Newcastle over the winter months, That then stopped. I visited Majorca winter 2013 on EasyJet 4 times in December and the aircraft was packed. That then stopped.

You now can’t fly to the Island North of Manchester. You would think that a population of over 5 million people in Scotland alone you would have enough people to justify a winter flight to travel to the island if this was an option?.

I am sure you know all the above or heard it already but it is a strong issue with me.

You would surely think that the Government would think ok let’s reduce the landing fees to get the airlines here, bring tourists here to spend money to generate wealth for the island, more hotels would open so jobs would be created in the winter months to then reduce the unemployed figures.

If the airlines flew a Friday and Monday schedule you would get more city break business, people who have property coming, cyclist’s ,the island already has SKY cycle team and various others in the North and I get inquiries for groups wanting to go out but don’t want to take expensive bikes on going via London. Sailing, walkers you name it. This needs promoted in a better way than they do.

I have a contact in the TTG ( Travel trade Gazette ) and if you would like I can forward on your article to see if he would take this up or I can put you in contact with him?. I hope with more people being aware the powers that be will take notice and try and get the ball rolling to increase the winter tourism. Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Jason,

Yes, I would like to confirm that my husband and I would travel to Mallorca during the low season.

We did come over at the beginning of December 2014 but we had to travel Glasgow-Stansted-Palma, and that journey took us 10 hours from leaving the house to arriving

at the hotel in Palma Nova.

On the way home, we had to have an overnight stay near Stansted, as we would not have made the last plane to Glasgow.

Would I do it again that way? Probably not. It was very exhausting and you had to walk, walk, walk for miles or stand for ages in queues

So here’s to having an airline willing to go direct to Palma from somewhere in Scotland!

Good morning Jason,

I would be delighted if there were direct flights from Scotland to Mallorca over the winter and would most definitely use them. I came out to Palma for Christmas but had to fly from Edinburgh via Stanstead.

My issues were:

I was limited to the dates I could travel to get the connecting flights to work time wise.

It also meant I had the additional expense of a night in an airport hotel in Edinburgh to catch the very early morning flight to make the connection to Palma from Stanstead.

Flying that way takes much longer than a direct flight. At Stanstead you have to physically come out of the airport and go back in, go through security again and then get to your departure gate, probably by monorail to a different part of the airport.

There does not have to be many flights over the winter. If one airline would operate a weekly flight from either Edinburgh or Glasgow leaving at a reasonable time to allow people who do not live in the vicinity to get there in the early afternoon to catch the flight. The same on the return flight, getting back to Edinburgh or Glasgow early or mid afternoon so that travel onwards, Aberdeen in my case, is possible on the same day. It is no good to me getting back at 11.00 pm.

I know there will be issues around which days should the flights be on, you won't be able to please everyone, but at I am sure most people can work around that just to be able to get to Mallorca.

The airline must not hike the price way up as that will definitely deter people and they will not fill their plane. I am sure it is more economically viable to fill the plane with reasonably priced seats rather than charge over the odds for 'doing us a favour' by providing winter flights.

I would love to be able to come back out in the next couple of weeks but I am unlikely to be back before early April when the direct flights resume.

Please keep up the pressure and the good work.

Hi Jason – I have a property in Pollensa and would love to come out more regularly during the winter but with no flights from my local Luton airport I tend not to bother as getting to other airports is too difficult and expensive.

Surely a couple of flights a week would be feasible but maybe the airlines have to commit to a daily schedule or nothing at all?

Hope this helps.

Hello Jason

Me and my family would love more flights from Scotland in the winter months as my family are older so my wife and I have more chance of taking this as an option to use our apartment in the winter months and enjoy mallorca and pto pollenca , rather than go some where else , we love the place.




Dear sir,

I would love to see winter flights from Glasgow to Palma return,I have owned an apartment in SANTA PONSA.for almost 30 years,I remember Thomson's flying a 767 aircraft fridays and Mondays from glasgow to Palma in the winter months, the plane was always full... I hope your campaign is a success. I read the bulletin on line every day to keep in touch with what is going on in Majorca.

Hi Jason

I would love to be able to visit Mallorca during the winter months. I have family living there including my Dad who is in his eighties, so it would be nice to be able to pop over now and again outside of the main tourist season without travelling halfway around the world to get there. We have an apartment in Majorca and as we are both now retired winter flights from Manchester would be great for us. We mostly fly with Monarch airways.

Hi Jason

I would be delighted if winter flights could be resumed from Newcastle.

My husband and I have had wonderful holidays in Dec/Jan in past years. We used to get some great deals with Thomson mainly. We helped the local economy getting out and about and really enjoyed Majorca in winter! Love the Daily Bulletin.Have read it since my first holiday on the island in 1967. Hello Would definitely come over in winter months. Used to do it ,not really possible at moment. Hope this is of use. Hi Jason

I would definitely visit Majorca during the winter if there were flights from Scotland. We are making the trip over in December this year to spend new year in Palma, but having to fly from Edinburgh via London and Madrid, that makes it a long trip.

It will be our first winter visit, and I'm sure more winter flights would make it a more regular thing!!

Good luck!!

Hi Jason , Re your article on winter flights : I’m a cyclist and love to visit Mallorca during the winter season , as do many of my cycling friends , the bug bear being the availability of flights. If more were available I’m sure more hotels would be able to open as well , especially where we all tend to head , up towards Puerto Pollenca. Good luck with the campaign. Dear Sir, My wife and I would definitely take winter flights, preferably from Scotland. Dar Sir, Having seen your post on I can confirm that we would definitely come more often to the island if there were flights in the Winter. We have been coming to the island every year in the Winter since 2008. Our last winter visit was last December and had to drive from Sheffield to Stansted to get a flight - not ideal. There used to be flights from Manchester but these stopped this winter. Flights from Manchester or East Midlands would be great. If it was easier to get to the island I am sure there would also be more of an incentive for businesses to stay open over the winter period. Good luck with your campaign

Dear Jason Moore,

We have been visiting the north of Majorca for many weeks during the summer since 1985 and would very much like to use:

Direct flights in Winter to Palma from either Glasgow International or Edinburgh (this used to be available from Globespan and seemed to be busy as this also included locals from Majorca visiting Edinburgh as tourists).Hope you are successful and we will pass on your e-mail address to friends who have property on the island.

Hello there,

Just read your article regarding winter flights over to Majorca. It would be so good to be able to fly out from Manchester to Palma during the cooler months. Such a shame, Majorca is such a beautiful island, which could be a year round destination. We visit here few times a year..during summer season. However if there were flights available between November & March would almost certainly pop over. The cooler months are far better for sightseeing.

We live in hope.

Hi Jason,

I have followed the winter flight discussion re Palma with interest.
I has just returned from Mallorca last Fri after spending a week there searching for a villa to buy. (the second house hunting trip there this winter).
However we have been put off by having to fly Newcastle to Barcelona then Barcelona to Palma, Then return Palma to Barcelona then Barcelona to Newcastle.
Carrying only cabin luggage, we were further exasperated missing the Barcelona/Palma flight due to the flight arriving a little late, then a longer than normal wait for the inter terminal bus to transfer us to our connecting flight.
This meant an additional 41/2 hr wait at a cost of a further 220 Euros, dammit. Frustrating considering our missed flight was still on stand, with 40 mins to take off

All flights were very busy and it was noticeable the amount of Scottish and Northern travellers on the same route.

Whilst my wife and I are seasoned travellers, so to speak, our family and guests, who would be carrying checked in luggage, are not quite so flexible. Due to this, we have decided to extend our search to the mainland.

Dear Jason - I would like to see winter flights from Edinburgh. I bought an apartment in Mallorca in June 2014 and I would like to use it out of season without the hassle of a connecting flight and subsequent bigger price. Thanks for running the campaign on our behalf and the very best of luck.

Good Afternoon,

I have an apartment in Santa Ponsa and we have to close up between the first week of November and the last week of March .

A gap of five months where we cannot easily use the apartment. We read the bulletin most days and see the weather forecast and dream of being in Mallorca.

If flights were available from Birmingham (or East midlands at a push) I would expect we would visit the island at least twice during the winter month.

Keep up the campaign . Thank you.

Dear Sir,

We would fly to Mallorca during the winter months if there were flights from Scotland. It would save a 500 mile round trip to Liverpool airport as we have to do at present.

Hi Jason, yes we would definitely come over as would some family & friends as we have a home in Cala Millor which we cannot get to use in the low season. Hope we can get this sorted once & for all as its a shame, not just for us but for lots & lots of people from all over that we can't get to the place I call my second home. The beautiful island that is Majorca.

Hope we get a great response & show the powers that be that there is a demand.


Myself and my wife regularly visit Santa Ponsa in the winter although we never made it this winter due to some family problems at home. We have been for the last 10 years or so. It was superb when there were local flights Not so good now

We live between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We either need to drive to Liverpool or go via Gatwick or Stansted in the winter.


Winter Flights.

As the main benefit is to Mallorca as a whole why are you putting the
onus on UK airlines. Surely its up to Spanish airlines and Mallorcan
businesses to resolve the problem?

Dear Sir,

Further to your comment on Facebook and request for email support I would comment on behalf of all my family. My husband and I follow the discussion about the pros and cons from varying bodies of winter flights to Mallorca with great interest. When we purchased our 2nd home in Puerto Pollensa in 2000 we were blessed by having Globespan operating at that time.

We had enjoyed many family holidays on the island before 2000 and on our initial property viewing visit in February that year we travelled direct from Scotland on a Thomson package and stayed at the Illa d'Or hotel for 2 weeks. Not only was the hotel open, it was very busy with many "bird watching" guests - of the tweeting not coughing kind! Hill walkers also were among the guests and there was quite a buzz.

Over the past 15 years we have witnessed the slow demise of visiting tourists to Puerto Pollensa. Sadly with Globespan gone, we have become dependent on whatever other airlines and routes we can source.

We still live and work in Scotland. We have become in the habit of enjoying our 2nd home in Mallorca throughout the year - the varying seasons had attracted us to Mallorca initially. While we had previously spent many years taking our family to our timeshare in Tenerife we found the sameness of the year round hot, dry weather in quite barren but colourful surroundings there too impersonal. Mallorca has variety. Mallorca offers different activities to people with a variety of interests - great beaches and family friendly hotels; challenging hill routes for cyclists both professional and amateurs at all levels of proficiency; hill walking groups are catered for as my sister and husband can testify; and simply a lovely warm, relaxing and welcoming environment for those elderly visitors ( my 90 year old Mum included). This is only a few of the demographic groups that visit the island. Not all want to be restricted to the months of April to October.

Ourselves, how do we as property owners manage? Well, we do visit at all times of the year: we enjoy January and its associated fiestas and sunny days; we often take the chance to make some property improvements in the spring; hill walking members enjoy the early months too while younger grandchildren are limited to visiting during school holidays; the latter part of the year suits my elderly Mum when the air is more ambient; then we love the smell of the autumn wood smoke and crashing waves. I am sure our family is not alone in this

How do we travel? Well, obviously between the end of March and October we can hop direct over from Edinburgh. Ideal! The other 5 months of the year our journeys have to involve at least 1 stop somewhere. We have tried indirect flights via other UK airports ( Luton, Stansted, Bristol and Gatwick) as well as via other European airports ( Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid and Basel). Spending 3 to 7 hours waiting around in a stopover airport is frustrating - only the airlines win as they receive double journey travel passenger charges. The occasional incidence regretfully of a flight being delayed, re-routed or cancelled has serious knock-on effects if this is one in a chain of flights. This we know to our cost when our Edinburgh to Stansted flight was re-routed to Luton before travelling on to Stansted - result - we arrived too late to navigate security and catch our Palma flight. We found a Stansted flight to Madrid later that day, booked into hotel in Madrid overnight then flew to Palma next day! All in all the trip took 29 hours!! Same time it took us to reach New Zealand a few years ago!

How about just one direct winter flight a week for starters? Twice weekly would give us greater options but maybe that is too greedy and at least once weekly would give all parties an opportunity to assess the demand.

Good luck with the campaign.

On a final note, there are two sides to the coin. These go hand in hand. More visitors over the winter would bring increased business to island hoteliers, restaurants, cafe bars, taxi services, car hire firms, local supermarkets, etc, etc. The monthly requirement to pay tax by these operations seems to limit the decision when to open for business. Surely, the powers that be would prefer to receive a pro rata amount in tax rather than no tax at all for some months of the year?

I trust this lends strength to your efforts.


I would like to add my name to the petition for winter flights to Majorca
We fly from leeds bradford but Manchester would be our second choice.

Hello Jason,
We have had a second home here in the South East at Cala Egos for about 13 years. We live in Northumberland and usually fly from Newcastle.
When we first bought, we could travel with Easyjet throughout the year. There did not seem a problem at first as the flights always seemed full especially at weekends with " hen and stag " parties.
Now flights end usually in the 3rd or 4th week of October.
We then started to fly from Glasgow, then Liverpool, then Stansted and now we have found Gatwick to be most regular as gradually the regionals have ceased winter flights with Stansted flying less frequently.
Our journey now entails a rail journey from Morpeth to Newcastle, Newcastle to London and then on to Gatwick and finally, Easyjet to Palma.
I have flown the return journey 3 times since the beginning of December and each time the flight has been absolutely full.
Newcastle used to be used by local people plus the catchment included Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Yorkshire and Cumbria enough people to justify at least a weekly flight.
As with other parts of the island, Cala D'Or and Cala Egos seem fairly deserted at this time of year with a handful of bars and restaurants remaining open. However, as one or two open their doors again, it is amazing how quickly they have customers. Thank goodness for the hostelries that do stay open! Long may they thrive.

A quick observation - my "local" airport is Luton but nothing goes from there to Mallorca Nov to April, so I am forced into horrible journeys to Stansted or Gatwick. Of the 8 winter flights I have taken so far,.each has been crammed. The airlines are doing very well off the route. I just wish they'd be more customer focused and try a flight or two from Luton, or even Birmingham or East Midlands. There is a big hole in the middle of England.

Dear Mr Moore

Please can we have more winter flights to Majorca please. We have a
house there in Cala Dor and would love to be able to use it more.

Thank you.

Hi Jason
We have a home in Pollensa and would definitely use a winter flight service from Manchester, Liverpool or even Leeds.

Yes, we would be tempted to use a flight from either Glasgow or Edinburgh in winter, if flights were available and priced competitively. We live midway between the two airports and even throughout the year we have to travel to Newcastle, Manchester and more recently Liverpool to get flights at decent prices. We have friends who travelled to Birmingham in October to get flights.

Dear Sir,

I read the Majorcan Bulletin on-line daily to keep up with current events on the island.

We have owned a house in Majorca for 15 years. We obviously would like to pop over during the winter months for golf, walking, cycling etc.

However, we live in Yorkshire (5.2 million inhabitants, with the 20th largest GDP in the world) and for 5 months of the year 31st October to 31st March there is not one flight from Yorkshire to Palma. (Well not that I can find!)

To get to our beloved island during the winter, the nearest airport that flies to Palma is Liverpool, which is 2 hours away by car and they only fly Monday and Friday. Alternatively Stansted (London) which is a 4 hour car journey.

Even Manchester which is the largest airport in the North of England does not have any winter flights to Palma.

I hope you get a good response from other potential winter travellers to Majorca!

Hi Jason

We live right next door to East Midlands Airport in the UK and have a house in Port Andratx which we try to visit for a week or so each month throughout the year. The flight situation has been so bad that we have to travel to Stansted (about 130 miles) to get flights in December and January. We used to be able to get from Birmingham in the winter on either Ryanair or British Midlands but the later has gone and Ryanair has given up on the route in winter. We are not bothering in February or early March but will be on the first flight out of East Midlands on the 30th March for Easter. So yes we would use either Birmingham or Manchester in preference to Stansted - which is not an easy journey.

Hi Jason

We live right next door to East Midlands Airport in the UK and have a house in Port Andratx which we try to visit for a week or so each month throughout the year. The flight situation has been so bad that we have to travel to Stansted (about 130 miles) to get flights in December and January. We used to be able to get from Birmingham in the winter on either Ryanair or British Midlands but the later has gone and Ryanair has given up on the route in winter. We are not bothering in February or early March but will be on the first flight out of East Midlands on the 30th March for Easter. So yes we would use either Birmingham or Manchester in preference to Stansted - which is not an easy journey.


Count me in! I have owned an apartment in Puerto Pollensa since 2010 and can confirm I and my family and friends would we be a much more frequent visitors in the Winter if we had more local flights I live in Hull and have to travel to London Stanstead or Liverpool for winter flights. Have been over twice in the winter but not cost effective or practical due to the lack of flights.

Came out in Jan for San Antonio festival and was blown away, cracking short break.

Dear Mr Moore,

This is very much an important point to many of us on the Island who have/are working for airlines/holiday companies.

We get offered jobs, which we are led to believe will lead to "careers" as the companies state they will extend flights every year. In 2012 we were informed that flights in 2013 would start in February and go on into November. Didn't happen.

Repeat performance for 2014 and 2015 flights are starting 28th March.

6 month Contracts....not much of a Career is it?

Many of my Customers stated they would love to come to Mallorca in the Winter for hill walking, cycling, sight seeing etc but due to lack of connections they go else where.

I hoped the so called 365 Project the Government said they were promoting would be promoted but it seems to be hidden away somewhere.....

It's about time the Government, Flight Companies, Hotels, Airports etc all sat down together and thrashed this out as I do not believe it is just Airport costs that stop the Airlines. I personally believe the Flight Companies could do more.

Like Ian Rice I am also extremely disappointed at the lack of winter flights; since Christmas my partner and I have lost two opportunities to go over to his flat (which we have had for more than 10 years) in Majorca due to the difficulty of getting there from Scotland. Going for a weekend break is a waste of time as no sooner would we get there it's time to start travelling back.
Spain should be making the most of its mild winters and the growth in the market for Palma as a top city break destination. The Sierra De Tramuntana now being recognised by Unesco gives another big boost to winter walking holidays and there are so many hotels across the island that are not just catering for summer enjoyment.
I really do urge a rethink on this and make Majorca more accessible in winter.

Dear Jason,

I would love to have winter flights to Mallorca from Glasgow. I would use this service two/three times between October-March.

Hi Jason...

I have been visiting Majorca since 1970. Since the start of the 4 and 5 day trips in 1972 I have been coming to the Island up to 6/7 times each year. Until the winter flights stopped. As an employee of . the largest travel firm in the world I could have gone anywhere and indeed have travelled extensively over the last 46 years However Majorca is always the place I choose for my own holidays because of my love for the island. I promoted it to customers as the best all round destination for everyone be it families couples singles and of course groups. I was saddened when winter flights stopped saddened is actually not the word for it! Despite me asking the company I worked for to think again it never materialised. Having visited Majorca over 200 times you can see how much I love the place and I sincerely hope your efforts are noticed by some of the airlines. Now semi retired I bring groups out in the summer months. Indeed two years ago you featured me in your sister paper Ultima Hora. These groups are single people generally over 50 years old and they always love the daily excursions I take them on. So hopefully winter will once more be success for our beloved island. I for one will be on as many flights as possible. I never stay all inclusive preferring half board and enjoying the atmosphere in local places for eating and refreshments. So once again thanks for starting your marvellous campaign and good luck. Kind Regards.

Dear Jason
Would love to see more winter flights from Glasgow Scotland . Have not been out to Majorca since October and first flight starts end of March . To come out during winter means travelling via London and flight connections are not straightforward nor guaranteed . Hope you manage to change situation . Thanks for all your input.

We would certainly use flights to Mallorca in the winter from Leeds/Bradford or East Midlands. We have had to use Gatwick in the past and now drive down (with our dog) each year, catching the Barcelona ferry, in order to enjoy a month during March/ April in Puerto Pollensa, we love the place so much.

We are delighted to hear that direct flights may possibly restart from Scotland during the winter months, we would use this regularly. We look forward to hearing how this progresses.

Dear Sir,

Having holidayed in Majorca during the winter months in the past, I am disappointed that I am no longer able to do so due to the fact that there are no flights from an airport within easy reach of my home. I would most definitely spend time and money visiting Majorca in the winter if flights were made available throughout the winter months so that I could enjoy the diversity and beauty of Majorca at this time of the year. Majorca should be a 12 months of the year destination so that lovers of the island would be able to choose to visit whatever the time of year. Dear Sir, After having read your article re flights from various Airports I totally agree with your findings that there would be plenty of passengers Low Season I would be looking for flights from Scotland but can understand the frustration from those in other areas as well. I feel it is not acceptable to have to get a flight to an Airport down South and wait hours for a connection in Low season. So I would join with the other travelers from other Airports who have the same difficulty. I'm sure you have a good case. Thanks for the campaign.
We bought our property on the island approximately 7 years ago when Bmibaby were providing winter flights. The main reason for the purchase was to have a Winter bolt hole! Usually fly Ryanair with no problems just wish Mr O'Leary would listen and give us a winter flight service from either East Midlands or Manchester as we like to travel out every six weeks or so.
Keep up the good work. Hi Jason

Please keep your campaign going for winter flights to Palma.

We live in Nottingham and have an apartment in Cala San Vicente. Our nearest airport is East Midlands (20 minutes) and during the summer we now have flights available from Ryanair and Jet 2. However there is nothing in the winter although British Midland and Bmibaby used to run a reduced winter service which was always well supported.

We now have to travel to Liverpool or Gatwick, either a 2 hour or 4 hour journey, which depending on flight times, usually involves an overnight hotel and parking charges.

Winter flights from East Midlands would be ideal and Birmingham (45 minutes) a second choice. Even Luton, Manchester or Leeds/Bradford would be helpful. During most winters we would normally try to travel at least twice between the end of October and the beginning of April.

Thank you for your efforts and I hope the airlines will see an opportunity, maybe with some encouragement from the Palma Airport authorities reducing charges during the winter

Hi Jason

Is there ANYTHING at all that we can do from this end in the United Kingdom?

I am SO passionate about this campaign I'd do anything to help!!!! I emailed Easyjet and Ryanair about 8 months ago but as you would expect, no reply - not even an automated 'thank you for your email.'

They are SO fare up their own noses they don't care! Dear Sir, Nothing from East Midlands or Birmingham or Doncaster or Leeds this winter.
In the past we have really enjoyed going out for the January fiestas and the almond blossom in February. This year we haven't even been able to visit our own apartment! Dear Jason, As a very frequent year round visitor, the lack of winter flights is most disappointing. I live in an area where Birmingham,East Midlands and Manchester airports are relatively accessable, but the lack of flights in the winter deems it almost impossible to get to Majorca . Please add my support to your campaign and hopefully this situation might be addressed and rectified. I do feel that it may be very difficult,but surely it cannot be beyond solving if all parties get together and address the situation. Incidently,you may be aware that Monarch have pulled out of East Midlands for the summer flights as well !! In response to your editorial concerning winter flights from England. My husband and I live in Newcastle and have a property in Cala D'or we can not come to Majorca in the winter because there are no flights in the winter from our region. Therefor we welcome your campaign to provide winter flights from England to Majorca. Hi Jason

I confirm that we would visit Mallorca in the winter if there were flights from BIRMINGHAM.

Good luck in your quest.

My partner and I holiday in El Toro, Mallorca every September and have done so now for the past 13 years. We have also been lucky enough to have had two or three long weekends in December also, calling it our "Christmas Shopping" trip as there is wonderful shopping in Palma itself and the Christmas lights and the atmosphere is wonderful, as it the warm sunshine and good food and friendliness of the people.

I love Christmas time in Mallorca, infact we have also been lucky enough, a few years ago, to travel to Mallorca in February just so that I could see the Almond tree's in blossom! Although we have already booked our September holiday for this year sadly, we have been unable to fly out for our "Christmas Shopping" trips for at least the last five - six years because there are just no flights to be had from East Midlands airport. And to have to travel to London areas or Manchester is just too costly for us on top of costs of flights etc.

I love Christmas time in Mallorca, It is a beautiful Island and most definitely an all year round destination. Bring back the winter flights! Dear Jason, congratulations on your excellent coverage concerning winter flights. May I add some general issues please? We have been associated with Mallorca since the mid nineties and owned a small finca near Porreres since May 2000. My wife and I as well as family and friends absolutely adore Mallorca for so many reasons. The people, the climate, the culture, the cuisine, the lifestyle and the sheer beauty of the island. As a retired 747 pilot with a British Airline it has been my privilege and pleasure to see so many wonderful places in the world, and some less pleasant places, and all things considered Mallorca is simply the best. Commuting to Mallorca was easy in the beginning with many reasonably priced flights available from a good variety of UK airports at reasonable cost throughout the year. This all changed after the 2008 crisis and the bulletin has done a great job high lighting the issues. With so many issues having caused the lack of winter flights it is hard to see things changing soon. As an ex aviator the emphasis is on cost control and profits for the travel industry, quite obviously, but there must surely be considerable demand for more winter flights? Also, the cost of the Liverpool winter flights are considerable as are the high season costs in July and August. Mallorca is simply a wonderful place to visit in the winter months being green and covered in blossom and wild flowers along with the super chorus of bird song. The weather can be glorious as well as it was in early January this year. We have a small dog that is pet passported but to fly him from Manchester costs €1800 return plus our own flights on top. You can go to Australia twice for that price. Anyway there are no winter flights at all that would carry livestock from anywhere north of London during the winter. Our Swedish neighbours in Mallorca can fly their mach larger dog to Sweden for €70 each way and they have the same regulations as the British. Very annoying of the British Airlines. Finally, a warning to all of us who have holiday homes in Mallorca and commute. We suffered our third burglary in fifteen years on 3'rd August last year. Our son and his family had been in our house for two weeks. They went out one late afternoon and for the evening and two hours later the burglars wrenched open our very substantial front doors and stole a large amount of tackle. They must have had our rather isolated house under surveillance and were well aware that when houses are occupied there is a greater likelihood of phones, computers, TVs and so forth there for the taking. So please may I suggest that one should be even more security conscious when one's house is occupied than when it is locked down and empty. We now have cctv and a security system! Despite my rant above we will continue our love affair with Mallorca. All the best for 2015 to your readers but not to the burglars, the fraudsters or the corrupt folks in authority. Thank you to the MDB for an excellent publication Hi Jason. Regarding your article "Winter Flight Challenge". I have several expat friends in Majorca and visit when possible, the best times for me are the winter months, this offers some respite from the cold UK winters plus visiting an island that I enjoy. Increasing flight numbers would greatly benefit the Majorcan businesses that are dependent on tourism and in itself would then create more tourist with more winter attractions being open. Its self perpetuating. Dear Sir, As a regular visitor to Majorca over the last 50 years, it has been disappointing in recent years not to have been able to visit Majorca in the winter because of lack of flights. The sheer pleasure of feeling the sun on your back and seeing the Almond Blossom and blue skies in February. All this only 2 hours from my own front door. I remember the times when pensioners were welcomed by hoteliers for 4 or 6 weeks during winter months who, at the same time as they were enjoying Majorcan hospitality and contributing to the Majorcan economy, revelled in the knowledge they were saving a considerable amount of money on their energy bills at home. I read the Bulletin every day at home and am pleased to see you are leading the campaign for more winter flights. Please add this to the campaign. Dear Sir, My husband and I met in Majorca in 1986 and we have now been married for 27 years. The island holds a very special place in our hearts and we have holidayed there very many times over the years and spent many a happy time there with our children when they were growing up. In 2004 we decided to purchase a property there, we spent so much time there anyway, it made sense. This was to be for our eventual retirement and for our family to enjoy with their kids.

This was so accessible for us, 2.5 hours flight, and almost door to door, as Glasgow and Edinburgh airports are both within an easy drive. I know I am bleating on about this, but it is such a shame about the flights. We planned to retire in our mid 50's which is fast approaching, and looked forward to spending more time in Majorca, however, that is no longer possible for us as there are no local flights during the winter months, and it is too long travelling and expensive too to have to go down south for a flight. So with all that in mind, it looks like we won't get to enjoy our winter days in Majorca as much as we would have liked and our families will not benefit from our apartment as much as we would have liked.

I hope that the airlines as well as the Spanish government can come to an arrangement regarding taxes to allow these flights to recommence. It makes sense that if there are flights and accommodation available, then tourists will come and the economy will grow and Majorca can again be the wonderful winter holiday resort it once was.

Dear Jason
We have had a house in Camp de Mar for 12 years and over the past few years travel to the island in winter has become increasingly problematic.
We live near Harrogate in the north of England and our closest airport is Leeds/Bradford. In 2003 Jet2 started their cut price flights using Leeds as their hub. For a few years they flew during the winter then stopped for "economic reasons", along with almost all the other airlines flying from anywhere north of Birmingham. The only airline continuing to fly ( a reduced schedule) is EasyJet out of John Lennon airport,Liverpool. For us this is a journey of 100 miles.
I think we are in a "catch 22" situation the reason being-- the hotels don't open so the airlines don't fly and vice versa.
Majorca is still the most popular destination for Brits, the weather is better than the UK during the winter, people want to come yet hoteliers/ airlines cannot get their respective acts together.
Sorry for the rant but owners/tourists are very frustrated. Hi Jason, We have had a home on the Island for over thirty years which we visit throughout the year. This year and last is the first time we have not had a flight from Cardiff (our home City) in the wintertime. We have to use Bristol Airport which involves extra time and expense. I am certain that if there was a regular winter flight from Cardiff, it would be well supported. Keep up the pressure!