The APBBalearic Port Authority is doing everything it can to reduce the number of boat owners on waiting lists for  a mooring in APB ports, after it was revealed yesterday there are over 3,000 people on the list.
 A number of  boat owners have been on the waiting list for several years, some since 1989.
 Antoni Deudero, APB director explained  that the authority is   aware of the problem but that the situation has gradually improved over the years.
 “We know there is still a long list, but when we came to power there were 5,654 on the waiting list, now those figures have been cut to 3,000 and we’re working to reduce the rest even further. There were many requests for  moorings that had been cancelled, the only problem was that the list wasn’t updated - but  it has been now.
 The list of existing mooring users is now also being updated. Those who have a mooring are  being contacted on a regular basis to understand if their interest for a space still remains (some requested it years ago but now no longer need it).