Our campaign for more winter flights took an unexpected and welcome twist yesterday when an airline owner announced that a weekly air link between Scotland and Majorca could easily be established although the cost of a return ticket would be a maximum of 300 pounds sterling.Now obviously this is a step in the right direction and it does mean, depending on demand, that the island could have a weekly link with Scotland from next winter. But this would be your air link. It has come from your wish to visit the island during the winter months and therefore your fellow passengers would be like-minded people who love Majorca. It would almost be like a community airline which in these days of no-frills airlines and cutting costs would be rather refreshing. It would also mean that your holiday would start at the departure airport and not the arrival airport.  Years ago in the days of Air Europe flying  back to Gatwick from Palma was almost like a social event. Meeting friends and fellow expats who were doing the same journey.  Now, I am sure that there will be further developments on the issue of winter flights;one political party in Palma is calling for a Balearic airline to be created to lengthen the tourist industry. But one thing Iknow for sure, there are many people who love this island and would come here during the winter months. The ball is rolling and I am sure that there are going to be further twists.