Up until recently there was a general view that Majorca was a no-go zone in the winter, it was too cold and there was no demand for flights because everything was closed. It was a nice cosy agreement. But what has come to light over recent days and thanks to the winter flights campaign is that many people do believe that Majorca could be an outstanding winter holiday destination. Take Eduardo Gamero, who is now the President of the private institution, the Majorcan Tourist Board. Now, he is a heavyweight in tourism circles and has held key posts at the local ministry for tourism. He is convinced that Majorca could easily shine in the winter like it did 10 years ago. Infact, the Majorcan Tourist Board, operate a highly successful programme called A Winter in Majorca, which was funded by the local ministry for tourism. The events programme was scrapped because the ministry withdrew funding. But even the airlines are coming round to the idea that there is life in Majorca after November.  Yesterday, I spoke with a high-level official from one of Britain´s principal airlines who was impressed by the scale of support for more winter flights after she saw some of the messages and letters on our website. Even hoteliers are now calling for more winter flights so that they could open earlier. As I have said on our social media sites the ball is rolling it will be interesting to see how far it will roll but attitudes appear to be changing and that is thanks to your support.