The Majorcan sales, rental, and bicycle repair association  yesterday urged the local government to improve the quality of the roads on the island, saying that the majority of the complaints they receive from cyclists are due to the poor conditions of the roads.
“The cyclists’ bikes keep breaking because of that,” a spokesperson for the association complained yesterday.
“We have around 100 shops all over Majorca, each employing between five and seven workers.
“The service we provide is basic for the development of cycle tourism.
Records show that over 90,000 tourists with an interest in cycling visit the island every year, staying on average between seven and 15 days.
“But there are important issues to resolve.
“Most come to us asking for directions, information, where to eat, where are the best places to go. It’s time the tourism sector combines efforts in order to offer the tourist the best solution.
“We Majorcans are not used to sharing, we are individualistic, but it’s clear that united we are stronger and that is the way forward for the sector.
The association also complained that strict tax laws are damaging the trade, complaining that after “adding all the costs, profits are almost non existent.”