By Francisco Cortez

Palma is quickly becoming one of the most desirable cities for top international brands, who see in the city, and particularly in Paseo Borne the ideal place to open new branches. According to a report on this year’s tendencies, the Balearic capital’s potential to attract visitors  with a strong financial power to the region is in the interest of some of the world’s top brands, who see the city as the right place for their market strategy. And the best place to do so appears to be in the Paseo Borne.
International brands are thought to be interested in large stores -over 200 square metres- and the Paseo Borne offers several possibilities.
Rental prices are the highest in the city, with the price for a square metre going for as much as 110 euros, but the idea of opening a branch alongside other top brands is part of the market strategy. The areas of Avenidas, Sant Miquel street and Jaume III are also areas in demand, although the report showed that there is little offer for so much demand.
Tonia Vera, director of the company who requested the reports explained that competition is fierce to open a business in the best areas of the city.