THE Balearic Ministry for Tourism announced yesterday that there had been a 12 percent growth in winter visitors from Britain last month (January)  and as we all know there are only a handful of flights, mostly from the London airports.
This 12 percent increase includes hundreds of British tourists who had to catch two flights or endure long train or road journeys simply to get to airports where there are flights to Majorca.
The announcement from the Balearic Ministry for Tourism adds further weight to our campaign for more winter flights and tourists because it clearly underlines that there is growing demand. According to government figures released yesterday there had been a 30 percent increase in winter tourism in January and an estimated 211,000 tourists, of which half were Spanish tourists from the mainland  - the majority pensioners on state backed holidays - had visited the island.
There was a 31 percent growth in the number of German visitors and big rises in the Danish, French and Italian markets. The upbeat picture from the local ministry for tourism adds further weight to the argument that Majorca could easily attract more winter tourists if there was more co-ordination between the private and public sector.