Palma.—The country’s highway agency is set to disclose the whereabouts of speed cameras across Spain, a move likely to make it easier for drivers to evade fines.
Driving at or above the speed limit in Spain used to entail its financial risks.
Only last September, it was revealed that the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) had secretly reduced the speed margin on cameras in a bid to fill their coffers with hefty fines.
By failing to make it public knowledge that speed cameras were taking a register of vehicles over the speed limit by 8km/h (before it was 12 to 15km/h), they raked in a staggering €384million in 2014, an average of just under€1 million a day.
The trend now seems to have been bucked by DGT director Maria Segui’s surprise decision to inform drivers of speed cameras’ locations.
“This initiative is being implemented so that drivers abide by the established speed limits, especially on stretches of road that have been identified as very dangerous,”