EVERYONE who lives or  visits this island has a view on tourism. In fact many of  the people living here have worked in the industry for many years and they watch in shock and horror and its alleged decline. I say alleged because according to the local authorities everything is rosy in the garden of Majorca. But many disagree and you only have to read some of the comments in our Letters to the Editor space and of course on our social media sites to see that the majority are not in tune with the views of  the Balearic Ministry for tourism. The Ministry was busy congratulating itself  this week that the holiday season had lasted from March to November. Not true said many who said that the majority of British tourists come here between June and September. And they are not wrong. There is a giant gap between what the Ministry of Tourism says about winter tourism and what our readers say. I am not being biased but Iagree with our readers, that not enough is being done. On the issue of all inclusive holidays the Balearic government says that this sort of package is the future while others say that they are ruining the bar and restaurant trade in the resorts. Now, Ihave heard of difference of opinions but the gulf between the two is enormous. Now obviously our readership is talking from an English speaking perspective and the Ministry for Tourism has a global view but I do believe that the ministry should start listening. There are plenty of valid opinions.