The long wait is almost over and in the space of just over a month we will have flights to many regional airports across Britain. Yesterday, I scanned over the websites of some of the major airlines which serve Majorca during a big part of the year, although not in winter ofcourse. But the question has to be asked. If you operate a service to Palma from Scotland at the of March why not start in February? Now ofcourse this year the flights start  earlier because of Easter but many of the businesses in the resorts will not be up and running until at least May or even later. So you can use the same excuses for the lack of winter flights once again. It seems amazing that the islands consider that Majorca is just an April to October destination. Now, obviously they have done their homework and it must be a case of supply and demand but it is still interesting to see that in April there are services from both Glasgow and Edinburgh and of course the regional airports. But it still really doesn´t make sense. Why then and not now?