Until next Tuesday, a wealth of events are going to held across the region including an inter-island chess tournament and a Balearic Food Fair.One of the various novelties for this year is the Balearic Beer Festival, which is being held in Santa Catalina market, and features eight local breweries, the Balearic Vice-president, Antonio Gomez announced yesterday during the presentation of the events being held this year to mark Balearic Day.
“Like every year, we’ve been working with numerous organisations across the region to provide the general public with an exciting series of events to enjoy.
“But, the emphasis is always promoting our culture and heritage and the different characteristics of each of the islands,” he explained.
As  usual, all of the government buildings are going to open to the public on certain days, the second Balearic Food Fair opens tomorrow in Sa Faixina park near  Santa Catalina at the start of the Paseo Mallorca and the Balearic Hostelry School, has prepared a special menu to mark the centenary of the death of the Archduke Luis Salvador.