British residents in the Balearics who wish to travel back home will save more on air fares if they book their tickets 13 weeks in advance, according to Skyscanner.
The popular travel comparison website yesterday revealed a report based on results from 250 million bookings made over the last three years and found out that bookings  that far in advance could save travellers up to 16 percent more.
Spanish residents wishing to visit France were advised to book their flights seven weeks in advance, with the prospect of saving up to 19 percent more.
Those who want to fly from Spain to Italy would be looking at eight weeks notice and possibly benefit from a 16 percent average  price slash.
In terms of long haul  flights, the best times to book a trip to Thailand and the U.S., for example,  would be 28 weeks and 29 weeks respectively, with the possibility of saving 10 percent and nine percent in air  fares.