Do you know that there are 53 different municipalities on the island all with their own Mayor, councillors and civil servants? In some cases the council has to manage a few thousand people. And ofcourse then there is the Council of Majorca and the Balearic government. Can you imagine the tons of paper and all the emails which go back and forth from one to the another! However, the Union, Progress and Democracy political party has come up with a fantastic idea. It wants to merge all the municipalities on the island into 12 super councils. It makes good sence to me and would also mean that there would be a major saving in civil servants which allow additional funds to be spent on public servants. I am always amazed at the masses of civil servants and “paper-pushers” which are employed in the Balearics. Some of them do a fantastic job, others are average and a small minority could be described as just rude! In the Balearics at the moment there are three tiers of government, the councils, the island Council  (three in total) and ofcourse the local government. And also there is the delegation of the Central administration, plus the local parliament and other smaller government departments. It looks like an amazing waste of money. It is often said that Spain has more civil servants than any country in the world. This may be an exaggeration but the public sector is certainly a big employer. Fewer councils but more effective? Sounds great!