The ball is rolling and fast! When we started  our campaign for more winter flights we knew the lame excuses;that there was no demand, that everything was closed, that the weather was poor and of course the dismissive attitude which exists in many quarters as regards to the low season. But slowly and obviously backed by all your hundreds of letters and emails and your support there is light at the end of the tunnel. People and local businesses are actively talking about the low season from hotel owners to the Balearic Golf Federation. What started off as an impossible dream is now moving forward at a great pace. The doubters have disappeared, there is a new mind set and there is new confidence about Majorca and what it could offer in the low season. The seed has been sown, so to speak, and it appears to be growing. Now obviously winter golf is a major attraction for low season visitors. I recently spoke with one Britiish winter visitor who had enjoyed three days of fantastic golf in Son Vida. He said that he would come more regularly if there were more flights.  The more that is spoken about winter flights in a positive framework, the better. Majorca can easily be a winter holiday destination, Iknow that, you know and above all thousands of people now that in Britain. We just need to spread the message and get this island moving again in the low season. It will be a challenge but a battle worth fighting which can be won.