The project to electrify the train tracks between s’Enllaç and Manacor and Sa Pobla could end up costing the government 26 million euros, when it could have cost nothing.
All because the Balearic Railway  authorities have failed to take action over  the past four years.
The project was approved  in the previous legislature, and was set to cost a total of 52 million euros, 17 million  to electrify the track to Sa Pobla and another 35 million to Manacor, a fee the previous government agreed to finance  fully, and included in the government’s budget.
But since then little or nothing has been  done and that option seems to be out of the question.
Balearic railway authorities are now resigned to having to wait for EU funds  to be approved in June, but such funds would only cover 50 percent of the total cost, with the government having to come up with the rest. Stuck in between this political uncertainty are the locals, who have long demanded a new train track.