Yes it was the Brit Award with the focus obvioulsy on British music, well a very small spectrum of current British music, however there were categories for international artists.
Perhaps living inSpain, on Spanish radio we are spoilt by the rich diversity of global music that is played, it is not all American, if not Spanish.
However, the Brit Awards, when it came to international artists, simply focused on American artists.
Not only did American artists open and close the show, that said  if Madonna had not fallen over, the night would have been one to forget for the award ceremony.
But, while we are all getting tired of the Sam Smith v Ed Sheeran with a sprinkle of One Direction contest, what about all the great artists in Europe, Asia , Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and South America, they did not even get a look in.
Music, just like literature, can broaden our horizons, open us up to new cultures, sounds and stories but Wednesday night’s Brit Awards were shallow and boring and I thought shameful in the way the organisers shunned world music.
The show was also lacking any major stars that are not constantly on British TV, like Taylor Swift, whose best friend, she said is Ed Sheeran who taught her to make a cup of tea - that is about how low the standards fell during this year’s awards ceremony. Americans drinking tea in London - rock and roll!