Palma could soon become an anti bullfight municipality . | EFE

Antibullfightmovement Mallorca Sense Sang (Majorca Without Blood) continue their campaign to erradicate the traditional spectacle from the region and have yesterday announced they managed to collect over 80,000 signatures in favour of the move in the city of Palma.
A “significant amount” according to members of the movement “taking into consideration the population of Palma is around 400,000 residents.”
The campaign has been gathering momentum in the last few months and its leader, activist Guillermo Amengual confirmed the movement is supported in Palma Council  by more than one party.
Several members of the local music and cinema scene, including Beatriz Rico, Rossy de Palma, Veronica Forque, Jordi Sanchez  have also shown their solidarity with the cause.
In total  17  municipalities in Majorca have already been declared anti bullfight municipalities, and including Majorca Without Blood the amount of signatures collected plus the support inside the city council make up a strong case for Palma to be the number 18.