By Francisco Cortez

From tomorrow  in every Spanish airport, including Palma,  all passengers’ hand luggage will undergo  close inspection from security staff to check for traces of explosives.

Palma.— While the measure could be seen as “extreme” for some, airport authorities explained yesterday that international terrorism organisations have been developing new techniques to hide explosives in hand luggage, and as such, safety and security measures in local airports will be increased, to comply with European Union laws.
Irons, hair dryers, cameras, batteries and kids toys will be inspected closely as they are part of an object on the high risk list.

Potential threats
Mobile phones, video cameras, computers, pocket calculators and pocket sized sewing machines have also been highlighted as potential threats. In total a budget of 17 million euros has been allocated  for this massive national operation, but money well be spent according to AENA director Fernando Echegaray.