There are still over 80,000 people officially out of work in the Balearics. | R.L.


For the 28th consecutive months, year-on-year unemployment fell again last month in the Balearics, only did the  Canary Islands perform better.The Ministry for Employment and Social Security reported yesterday that, in comparison to February last year, 8,923 fewer people were out of  work  in the Balearics, a year-on-year decline of  ten percent leaving the total number of registered unemployed standing at 80, 295 at the end of last month.
What is more, compared to January, unemployment in the Balearics contracted by 3.34 percent with 2,771 people finding work.
Only the Canary Islands have posted better unemployment figures  and that is because of their winter tourist industry.
One of the sectors which has experienced the sharpest decline in the number of people out of work is the foreign work force.
Compared to  January,  last month, 661 fewer foreign residents  were registered as out of work and, in comparison to February  last year, the figure has shrunk by 15,854  but regional union leaders and  opposition  party spokespeople said yesterday that, the reduction in the number of  unemployed foreigners is not because they have found jobs, it is because they have either returned home, especially in the case of the South Americans, or decided to move on elsewhere.
What is more, they claimed that one of the other  reasons the rate of unemployment keeps shrinking is that people  are no longer entitled to  any state benefits, are signing off and turning  to  the  black  market. And, looking at  the national figure, one in four adults  are still out  of work in Spain despite the fact that the unemployment rate in the euro  area continues to drop.
In January the figure fell to 11.2 percent from 11.3 percent in December.