DAVID Cameron has probably scored the biggest political own goal in history after declining to take part in a series of political debates in the run-up to the general election. His no-show will probably cost him the election because it appears that he is running scared and is not prepared to face his political opponents in front of the electorate.  Labour leader Ed Miliband has now been given a free hand to control the debates and remind the electorate that the Prime Minister is a “chicken”who decided to stay at home rather than take part in a televised debate. It is so stupid of Cameron because he is by far the best public speaker out of all the political candidates and I suspect that he would easily win. Ed Miliband v. David Cameron is no contest but Ed Miliband v. Nick Clegg is a different story. Whoever wins the TVdebates will win the general election or form part of the next government.  Now, Ican understand why Cameron didn´t want a debate involving all the political candidates, it just would have been a shouting match but why not agree to a debate with Miliband? Lets face it the next Prime Minister is either going to be the Labour leader or David Cameron. It is certainly a major political gamble and one which could easily backfire. The general election result in Britain is too close to call and another coalition government is on the horizon. If Cameron is defeated then he could easily blamed his campaign strategy. Running scared is an easy criticism of the PM.