Not the biggest spenders in the Balearics. | P. BOTA

The average resident in Spain spends just over 800 euros a year on eating out in restaurants – equivalent to 67 euros a month or slightly less than 15.50 euros a week, according to the National Statistics Institute.
Northerners and those in land-locked central regions shell out the most on dining out – Extremadura  leads the field at an average of 982 euros a year per head, 18.88 euros  a week or 81.83 euros  a month.
Centre-north region Castilla y León comes second with residents spending 949 euros a year on eating out, followed by north-eastern Navarra at 943 euros, Galicia at 937 euros and Cantabria  at 935 euros.
It is Spain’s colder regions which see the most spent on restaurants – other than in the Canary Islands, where residents stump up 933 euros a year on eating out – with Cantabria’s and Galicia’s neighbour, Asturias, spending 916 euros per head per year and the Pyrénéen wine region of La Rioja, 901 euros, being 17.33 euros a week or 75.08 euros a month.
Some of Spain’s more touristy regions come farther down the list – Murcia is near the bottom with a typical inhabitant spending 628 euros a year on dining out, only beating the Spanish enclaves  of Ceuta and Melilla where, jointly, residents shell out 608 euros a year on restaurants.