15-07-2009JOAN TORRES

By Francisco Cortez

Arguments and disputes over the noise levels are set to continue between neighbours and restaurant owners in some of Palma’s busiest areas.Palma City Council was due to approve new civic laws this year that would see restaurant owners in La Llotja, Draçana and Calle Fabrica having to close their terraces earlier to reduce noise levels, but with the high season officially under way, the new statutes are yet to be approved.
The delay is set to cause distress among local neighbours who have long complained about the noise and have more than once warned the authorities the situation was not viable.
Neighbours have also complained about the noise level generated by bars and restaurants in Apuntadors street, Sant Joan and Montenegro streets.
A senior official from the health department revealed yesterday the situation could yet be resolved this year, although chances were, that with the local elections around the corner the local government would most likely try to avoid taking such a delicate topic to the assembly.
Government opposition party Mes representatives went further suggesting the PP (Partido Popular -ruling party) will not risk upsetting business owners over this matter.


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