I watched a television interview on IB3 on Monday night with Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza, who is standing for re-election. He was asked about his ill-fated three language (Spanish, Catalan and English) teaching system which should have been introduced in local schools. He replied that it was a pity that the new school curriculum had been blocked by teachers because 60 percent of the jobs in the Balearics now require English. Bauza went on to say that all parents would support their children learning more English. It was a good defence but I think that Bauza showed weakness and decided to stand down to end the confrontation with teachers who said that they were not prepared for the three language system. In other-words the new language curriculum was quickly abandoned following a strike by teachers. If only the Bauza government had prepared teachers and listened to their concerns this new language system would now be in place. It was one of Bauza´s flagship policies and it all really ended in tears. I think one of the biggest mistakes made by the local government was to try and steam-roll the teaching plan into local schools without the support of the people on the frontline, the teachers.   Bauza said in the interview that his Balearic government, if re-elected, would push ahead with the programme but perhaps it is a question of too little too late. School is out and while Bauza says that the battle is not over, the teachers won.


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