Francisco Garcia Fullana (third from the left) in Japan with his Stradivarius. | Picasa

The international career of Majorcan violinist Francisco Garcia Fullana reached a new milestone last month when he took Japan by storm.Fullana, who is already in big demand all over the world, not only won first prize at the International Violin Competition held in Munetsugu City Hall Nagoya held between 22 and 29 of February, he also picked up a number of other awards while in Japan.
He won the public award from the audiences which attended the recitals, the award for being accompanied by the best orchestra, which in this case was the Aichi Central Orchestra from Nagoya and the special award from the owner of the concert hall where the musical contest was held. However, as a result of winning the main prize, Fullana will be able to play a 1697 Stradivarius collection called Rainville for the next two years.
“I am elated and very pleasantly surprised,” Fullana said  from Japan.
This highly successful trip to Japan means that the Majorcan will be able to expand his calendar of performances in Asia.