WINTER may be over, but the debate over winter flights must not be allowed to be dropped.
Palma, for example, is packed this weekend with nearly all of the city centre hotels full for Easter and many of the guests are from the UK and have been left stranded for the most part of the past five months with no direct flights to Majorca.
And while many, in particular the Scots, who have been cut off from the Balearics since last October, are glad that Easter has come early because it has meant that the airlines have had to bring forward the start of the summer flight schedules, they know that had Easter fallen at the end of April, then they would still be without any direct flights to Majorca.
There are a number of people pushing ahead with the winter flight campaign in Scotland. Political parties have been targeted and senior business organisations are also going to be brought in to the debate but all this has to happen now, over the summer, because, before we know it, winter is here, hotels will be  closing up and, guess what? Flights will be grounded for the winter and we will only be able to  complain about  yet another lost winter.
If  any opportunities arise over the summer, we have got to grab them. Just because the sun is shining does not mean the problem has gone away and think of  the business Scotland could do with visitors from the Balearics.