Norman Tebbit, the former Conservative minister once controversially told the unemployed in Britain in the 1980s to get on their bike  and look for work. He would have been proud at how private enterrprise has got on their bike in Majorca and are busy creating a multi-million euro business for cyclists. I interviewed Tebbit in Cala San Vicente, an area which has become a major focal  point for British cyclists. In the last few years a large number of new businesses have sprung-up catering for cyclists  and even hotels and bars have got their act together. Hotels have  built safe storage sites for bicycles and some bars have swapped the Premier League for highlights of the latest international cycling event. Cycling is becoming big business for Majorca and the fact that the roads in many areas during the winter months are almost traffic-free is a major plus point for visiting cyclists. I was simply amazed last week at the number of British cyclists who now travel to Pollensa and other areas of the island for a cycle holiday. The local business community in the area should be congratulated for embracing this new type of tourism. As I have said in this space on many occasions, Team Sky, should also be thanked for holding their training camps in Pollensa which has given the area so much valuable publicity. But also private enterprise is alive and well on Majorca, it is a shame though that the local authorities do not do more to help.


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