The centre-right Partido Popular will win next month´s local elections but the question is;will it be enough to form a government? The latest polls show that the Partido Popular, which resigns supreme across the Balearics, will fail to win an overall majority in many of the top island institutions which will leave the door open for coalition governments, probably led by the socialists. The problem for the Partido Popular is they have no-easy bedfellow which could mean that while they may be the most voted party they could still end up on the opposition benches. Now the jury is still out on whether this is good for democracy or not, but it is certainly not a case of winner takes all. More like winner takes nothing! The opinion polls point to a surge in support for the new parties like Podemos and better results for the Majorcan nationalists parties. The Balearics have had experience of coalition governments, but it hasn´t really worked. Too many parties with too many policies. So problems ahead.