Kate Mentink in Palma yesterday.


Epore, Europeans for Spain, have brought two experts together to address British expatriates about what the possible repercussions could be if Britain leaves the EU.The President and Founder of Epore, Kate Mentink, explained to the Bulletin yesterday that over the past few months, it has been brought to her attention by members of the British expatriate community that there is growing concern  about what would happen to them should Britain leave the European Union in the 2017 referendum being promised by the Conservative Party.
“Last year, we held two meetings, one here in the south and another in the north and one of the main topics of conversation was  how the situation of expatriates would change. People are worried about whether they would be entitled to health care, education etc., all the services that they have access to now.
“Also, there is growing concern about how their legal standings, residencia etc., so Idecided that perhaps it was time to bring people together and get and find some answers,” Mentink explained.
While she admits that this is very uncharted waters and few people probably know the answers, Mentink has invited Estaban Mas MBE, the former British Vice-Consul to the Balearics and current Balearic government delegate in Brussels to speak along with local lawyer and university lecturer Javier Blas.
“Mas will be coming from a Brussels point of view, I know his team has been reasserting the topic for weeks now, while Blas will come from a more local angle.
“They are both extremely experienced and knowledgeable and will be able to shine some light on what could happen,” Mentink explained.
The lecture, which is going to be held at La Caixa Forum in the Grand Hotel in Palma on Friday, 24 April, will be in English and  begins at 6.30p.m and will finish at around 8p.m.
Mentink will chair the debate and the Managing Editor of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, Jason Moore, will sum up once both of the speakers have given their addresses which will be followed by a question and answer session.
“There are around 65,000 Britons living in the Balearics, of which  a third are full time residents and are registered with their town halls, while the rest own holiday homes  and are regular visitors and there appear to be three burning issues they are concerned about.
“The first is what would their position become  being a resident should Britain withdraw from the European Union and also how would it affect them if they are either working here or running a business.
“The second worry is for those who have retired here and are living off a British pension and the final bone of contention is what would it mean for young professional families working here whose children are in local schools,” Mentink explained.
“Ialso want to underline that this is not a political event, no politicians will be present. I want this to be as factual and informative as possible so people begin to envisage what life would be like if Britain exits the European Union,” she added. Should any one have any questions they would like  to submit prior to the event, which is free and open to the general public, email editorial@majorcadailybulletin.es


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