What would happen to us, and when Isay us Imean expats in Majorca, if Britain leaves the European Union? It is a good question and hopefully we will have some answers because the association Europeos por España, Caixa Forum and the Bulletin, have teamed up together and a panel of experts will be giving their views on a possible Brit-exit.  Now, I have said in this space on numerous occasions that I believe that Britain´s place is in a reformed European Union. I will be the first to admit that the European Union does have its fault but speaking for myself it makes my life easier in Spain because I do not need a work permit and can vote in council elections. Now, whether all this will change remains to be seen but the view here is that if Britain leaves the European Union, the almost one million Britons living in Spain will lose their EU status. Does this matter? Well obviously. However, there is an incredible resentment in Britain against all things involving the European Union. The fact that United Kingdom Independence Party is doing so well is a clear example and if the Conservatives win the general election then Britain will hold a referendum on European Union membership. This could lead to a Brit-exit and also another referendum on Scottish independence because the nationalists have said that an issue as important as Europe would need another vote. Interesting times and interesting questions.


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