Marc, who owns Simply Fosh and Misa, with Dulwich College students in Asia


Palma-based British Michelin star chef Marc Fosh has just returned from a three week road show for Dulwich International College in Asia.Last month,  Marc toured Dulwich College International schools in Asia   to speak to students, parents and staff about healthy eating and nutrition.
Marc hosted cooking demonstrations and cooking classes and spoke to audiences about healthy foods that boost physical performance and brain power.
Marc also worked with the caterers at all five schools to develop Marc Fosh recipes for inclusion every week on school menus.   “As a Michelin-starred Chef I am very aware of my role as an ambassador for good food. You should seek out healthy recipes for dishes that are easy to prepare and that you love to eat. Enjoy the cooking process from start to finish knowing you are nourishing your body,” he said.
“It was very challenging but very exciting. I spent two to three days at each school and a host of different events were organised.
“Apart from talks to students, parents and the canteen staff, we held a Masterchef competition, these TVshows are really having a positive impact round the world, a show cooking session for as many as 740 students of all ages and other competitions which groups could then  cook with and for me. Obviously, the main language at the schools is English but there is a vast mixture of cultures which also makes it very interesting.
“But,  the object  of the trip was for me to impress upon students and parents the importance of a balanced and healthy diet which can help them study better, enjoy higher energy levels and avoid dehydration.
“Obviously, the food was very Mediterranean and Majorcan based. I made an effort to champion Majorcan olive oil which I am very passionate about. Removing the cream and butter and using Majorcan olive oil, that’s my philosophy.
“In fact I was asked to prepare a special private dinner for VIPs at the Shangri la Hotel in Shanghai and we removed the butter  and replaced it with Majorcan olive oil and the diners loved it. In fact the whole experience for the children and parents has persuaded many to consider coming  to Majorca to experience at first hand what they got a taste for during my tour,” Marc said yesterday.
“The children were  an inspiration, Igot a real bounce off their enthusiasm and children will eat a healthy diet and try news things if it is sold to them properly and, more importantly, made fun.
“At one school,for example, I  made some mushroom and spinach canapes, you try getting kids to eat spinach! But, as I took the trays round the benches, the children could not get enough of them.
“And, on another occassion I got a group cooking a traditional Majorcan sea bass dish.
“Nearly all of the ingredients are  out there, the local produce is excellent, but it’s about preparing and cooking it.
“That is why, apart from the talks and competitions, I had them cooking as much as possible and, of course eating the menus from the Fosh Recipe Card pack we specially produced for the schools, many of which now have a ‘Fosh Friday’ when the school canteens cook some of  my recipes, although there always has to be an Asian dish on the menu, they have to have their  rice at least once a day...
“At the moment, there are 30 of my recipes and 30 drawn up by students and parents and that will be expanded on, we’re even thinking of developing a special App so we can continue the interactive interchange of experiences and recipes.“What is more, for Dulwich College, this is a long term project with long term, implications. Apart from healthy eating and a healthy life, they see this  as an important way of preparing their students for  life  after school, when they go to university.
“They want their students to be able to care for themselves  properly, to continue eating a healthy diet instead of just throwing a pizza in the oven or living off takeaways and processed food. “Many come from wealthy families which have maids etc. to take care of the cooking, so they’ve never cooked anything in their lives, not even an egg.
“So this is going to be a long term project which I am passionate about, especially if I can make a difference.
“And, not only have I already seen it working in a relatively short space of time, this summer, one of the 18-year-old students, who was born in Korea to Brtish and  American parents and has a passion for food, although he doesn’t want to be a chef, is going to be coming over to Palma for a summer placement in one of my kitchens - which is great,” Marc, who was also asked to advise a number of major catering companies,   said yesterday.


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