Will the Spanish government be helping to pay for the British police officers who will be stationed in Magalluf  this summer? I sincerely hope that the Home Office gets a nice fat cheque from the Spanish government in the form of a percentage of  the money raised through taxes from the business community in Magalluf, who obviously pay heavily for the security operation. In other-words if British police are needed in Magalluf, then someone should pay, because otherwise they are needed back in Britain. The Guardia Civil believes that they should be operating joint patrols with British officers this summer. Now obviously, locally, people are saying that as the majority of incidents in Magalluf are caused by British tourists then British police should also be involved. What next? British traffic cops will be sent to Palma to help their Spanish counterparts because there are a large number of hire cars on the road driven by British tourists? Police officers at Palma airport will be helped by British border officers because the British have to show their passports because they haven´t signed the Schengen Agreement.  Now, obviously we are only talking a few British officers, probably about two and I suspect that it is more a public relations exercise rather than anything else but the question has to be raised that British tourists coming to Magalluf spend a small fortune and therefore Spain should make sure that the resort is properly policed.